How Are Students Handling Online School?

As COVID-19 spread across the country earlier this year, Haslett High School, as well as many other schools, made the tough call to begin the 2020 school year online. 

Now that one term has come and gone, many questions have arisen.

How are students dealing with the new online format? 

Is test taking more fair, or more challenging? 

Is there more work to be done than normal? 

To answer these questions, we interviewed multiple students through social media and private messaging. The interviews started by asking how students’ felt about this year’s workload.

“Honestly, if anything, I think the workload has been less than regular school,” senior CJ Taunt said. “I haven’t really found that having too much work is an issue.” 

Senior Robert Earl had a bit of a different take on the subject due to other obligations, such as a job.

“Normally it’s not that much of an issue, but with work (for me) starting just yesterday, I see it getting far worse,” Earl said. “I now have multiple missing assignments, since I couldn’t finish them in the time I had before pushing carts for six hours.” 

Another question students were asked concerned flex time and the ability to work at their own pace. 

“Since I’m in a lot of AP classes, I don’t usually get flex time, and when I do, I usually use it to take a break from my computer,” senior David Jackson said. “I don’t think it helps with workload issues, but it definitely makes me feel less stressed throughout the day.”

However, when CJ Taunt was asked his opinion if flex time and working pace was helpful with workload, he had a different response. 

“Yeah, I think so. Being able to have all of your schoolwork done before 2 on some days is really nice.” Taunt said. “Also, being able to work at my own pace allows me to schedule the time I’m doing schoolwork more efficiently.” 

Testing has been a major question in the online format. Students were asked if tests seemed easier or more difficult so far this school year. Both CJ Taunt and David Jackson were in agreement that testing has been simplified this year. 

“I think it’s definitely easier,” Taunt said. “None of the tests I’ve taken have been ridiculously difficult, even with less class time spent on material.” 

Students were also asked if they felt that cheating was a big issue this year since tests are done online, mostly without teacher supervision. 

“Definitely. There’s no way most people aren’t looking up the answers,” Earl said. 

“Without a doubt,” Jackson said.

 Taunt also seemed to agree it was a problem. 

“I think it is, but there really isn’t anything teachers can do.” Taunt said. “I think it really messes up GPAs and class rank.”