Weight Room Construction.

There will be many changes this year at Haslett High School due to construction projects that have, or are, wrapping up. 

One of the projects will be a redeveloped weight room for students. 

Unfortunately, this was not completed in time for the fall sports seasons due to COVID-19 halting construction earlier this year. This meant that when practices did begin in late summer, the weight room was not yet available for offseason workouts or for preparation for the fall sports seasons.

In its place, the football team turned to using what was called the “weight shed.”

According to Senior Anthony Watson, a running back, the team made the best of what was available to them.

“It was small, unimpressive, but got the job done,” Watson said.

With the changing conditions of this pandemic, many students and parents had been concerned with the size of the weight room, which made social-distancing difficult. A workout area is filled with germs and sweat in normal times. While students and staff followed the protocols throughout the season, most people would agree that a weight room is not the safest place during a pandemic. 

Watson, as with many other athletes, is hoping that the new weight room, once it is open for students to use, will be a fun environment and a sanctuary for students to blow off steam, release stress, and work to compete at a high level and better themselves.