Exciting Improvements in the Next Generation of Gaming Technology.

An exciting year for the next generation of video game technology is one of the rare things that can be said about 2020.  The all new Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X have both just been released in the past week. But don’t expect to find many on store shelves just yet; a majority of the systems are currently available for pickup only by preordering them.

Seven years have passed since the release of the Playstation 4, so gamers are right to expect some changes when they purchase the new PS5. The new Playstation 5 will be available in two versions.  A digital version (with no disc drive) retails at $400 while the disc version will run you about $500. The new system will be compatible with older PS4 games, includes an enormous 825 gigabytes of storage space, and can support both 4k and 8k resolution with its games.

The design of the console itself will look different than in the past, with Sony moving from an all-black console for the first time to a new black and white concept. Also new is a blue LED light that outlines the console.

Probably the most exciting and coolest part about this console is the controller. Each newer version of the Playstation has upgraded its controllers, and the new dual sense controller for the PS5 has added two noticeable features. The first is what is called haptic (touch) feedback, which allows players to feel different objects and elements while playing a game. For example, if a player is playing a game that is taking place in or on water, the controller will produce a wave-like response in the controls, correlating with the wave frequency and direction occurring in-game. Another example would be if you were playing a game and say you were caught in a sandstorm, the controller will produce small pricks and sensations so it feels like the dust is actually striking your fingers.

The second new feature for the dual sense controller is what is called adaptive triggers. This means the triggers can change the tension you may feel in the controller depending on what type of action you are performing in the game. This could mean tension and resistance in the controller if you were, say, drawing a bowstring in a game, or perhaps you would feel the difference when trying to move in the trigger if you were driving on a rough road or mud in a game.

The dual sense controller also has a built-in microphone that has the capability to cancel out any background noise when playing in a large group. Other accessories include support for virtual reality gaming, a new charging station and increased ability for streaming of videos.

For gamers who prefer the Xbox, there are also two new versions currently available: the standard Xbox Series X (retailing at $499) and the Xbox Series Slim ($299).  Both versions, like the PS5, will offer capability for older Xbox games, including some from the original Xbox system. The Series X version has more hard drive storage than the new Playstation 5, with 1 terabyte of space. Like the Playstation 5, the new Xbox versions offer 4k and 8k resolution with its games.

The design for Xbox Series X takes on a new look that is designed as a standing unit and it is somewhat bigger than the Xbox One.  A unique thing about this system is that the standard Xbox Series X will be all black, while the Xbox Slim will be all white with a black-colored circled vent that encompasses the middle on the console.  The new controller is a slightly upgraded version from the Xbox One, with better grips on the joysticks and improved triggers to add more comfort.