When Are We Going Back to School?

Going back to school has been a hot topic ever since schools closed last March. The immense amount of speculation and uncertainty on when we will return is very frustrating for many students and parents.

While speaking with principal Brandy Butcher, she defined the metrics that Ingham County has to achieve prior to Haslett Highs School going to a hybrid schedule. These metrics being, if the positivity rate is under 20 percent, and there are less than 150 cases per day per million people in Ingham County.

Unfortunately, no one knows what the metrics are going to look like after the holidays have come and if they will decrease.

The future of returning to school relies on the metrics approved by the school board.

“If we contact the health department and they tell us to shut down for two weeks, then we will follow their lead and shut down,” Butcher said. 

Given the current circumstances, it is difficult to give an accurate estimate on when the hybrid schedule will be able to be implemented. However, now that we have clearly defined metrics approved by the Board of Education we have goals to work towards before school can continue in person.