What Students Are Up To Between Classes.

Ever since we have moved online, students have had to adapt to the ways of Zoom virtual class meetings. Because of this, students have three classes a day, and anywhere from a 30-minute to an hour or more of a break in between classes. Students tend to do schoolwork, ask teachers questions, or relax until the next class meeting. 

Since students can have a lot of free time, they need to fill it with something.

“After one of my classes is over, I typically do homework,” senior Ethan Stone said.  “And if I have time, I work out or make lunch.” 

In another way, some students’ day to day lives have not changed all too much. Some students have schedules that easily adapt to Zoom online learning.

“My schedule has not really changed (in the transition to online school) that much,” senior Brenton Baldwin said. “I still walk, play video games, watch YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and read.” 

Since students don’t have to physically be in school, they could make accommodations that they normally would not be able to do. 

“I am able to easily do my chores after class is done,” senior Brenna Baker said. “I can take naps in between classes and get my homework done during the evening.”