How Covid-19 Is Effecting Peoples Metal Health.

Being alone it’s not easy. I think if there’s something I would say 2020 taught me, it’s the importance of having people around, and how, even without noticing, people have the ability to make the noise in our heads stay quiet. 

Distracting yourself from what you’re going through is not a healthy way to cope, but sometimes, for many people, it’s the only way that works.

It’s crazy how times change, and I don’t think I will ever get bored of saying it. Every day I find something new to reflect about, something that before 2020 seemed unreal, and now it’s just part of our lives. We miss people so much, we miss our busy and frenetic routines, we wish we could have everything back. Even though, some months ago, the idea of having so much time to spend alone with your thoughts didn’t seem scary. It sounded comforting. Finally, some time to relax, to focus on what I think matters, time to figure myself out. 

For some people, quarantine really helped. I guess it gave them the chance to reflect on things they didn’t want to but were finally obligated to. It gave so many hints for self-improvement and to deal with things in your mind, a thing that we all know, can be a little tricky. 

But for many people, especially my age, it was a rough time. 

According to a recent study, nearly 41 percent of respondents reported at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition, including symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder (30 percent), symptoms of a trauma- and stress-related disorder (TSRD) related to the pandemic (26 percent), and having started or increased their use of substances to cope with stress or emotions related to COVID-19 (13 percent). 

Data speaks clearly, and for many people, quarantine represented a huge difficulty to get over.

What I wish COVID-19 left us, is awareness. Awareness that I hope will last after the arrival of the vaccine and after our lives start to return to normal. Awareness about the importance of people, how much of a difference a hug can make, how much loneliness can be damaging, and how many people feel lonely every single day, as we did when we were forced to.