How Covid-19 Is Effecting Teachers.

Teachers are the people who mold the minds of future generations. With the pandemic, new teachers are going through a whole flood of new struggles. These struggles are vastly different than the ones some of our longer-tenured teachers here at Haslett have had in their first few years of teaching in the district. 

One of our most respected and well-known teachers here at Haslett is of course Mr. Rutkowski. With over 20 years of teaching experience, Mr. Rutkowski has experienced a lot. Mr. Rutkowski described his first year as easier than most. Due to his sense of his humor, students seemed to welcome him into the district. As the years passed, he made a reputation as a firm, but fair and very funny teacher. 

On the other hand, starting a teaching career during a pandemic is a much harder scenario as you might imagine. There is less student interaction, the students know less about the teacher, and real bonds don’t seem to be formed unless both parties can really know each other, which we simply do not get in virtual learning. 

One of the new teachers at Haslett this year is Mr. Sass. Being a new teacher is difficult enough as it is, and starting your first formal year online I’m sure is a challenge of its own. One of his major issues he expected to face was not getting to fully know the students, which can hinder teaching. Mr. Sass said his colleagues have been very helpful with this process.

There are many problems that have come up due to the pandemic that have messed up the teaching process, but it should be a group effort to help and support the teachers who are helping us.