A Student Working Hard To Grow His Small Business.

From mowing to brick patios, Haslett Landscaping and Odd Jobs has made a positive impact on our community.  

In 2016, Haslett senior Shaun Savage had an idea to create his own small landscaping company.

 The goal of this crew was to help out in his community. Inspired by kindness, Savage and his crew began to help people, whether it was landscaping or other odd jobs. 

It may sound amazing for someone of such a young age to have started their own business, this comes with some obvious challenges. 

“It’s harder to do contracts underage without a legal representative, which makes it harder to be taken seriously due to my age,” Savage said. 

Regardless of these challenges, Savage continues to grow his abilities and strengths. 

“I do it because I want to gain more experience, even when it’s difficult,” Savage said. 

 Savage said his long-term goal is to find what he is truly passionate about in landscaping. One strength that stands out most to him is his ability to continue to improve his skills and future career. 

Haslett Landscaping and Odd Jobs began as a small crew trying to help others in the community, but it has become more than just a small crew of young students. 

Savages proudest achievements include the building of several ice-skating rinks, cleaning out lakes on hot summer days and coordinating with larger landscaping companies.

Savage says that creating connections with other people in similar professions is one of the most important things, as well as seeing his clients satisfied with their work.

“Landscaping is way more than just picking weeds,” Savage said. “It’s sentimental. It means a lot to people.”

Larger paying jobs also mean harder work. On a typical day, landscapers work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weather is always a factor in the business, as well as keeping clients happy.

Savage’s passion for landscaping has become a major part of his life and future plans.

 “I feel that my liking for landscaping came from my grandfather,” Savage said. “One of my early memories is watching him dig trenches and cutting trees down.”  

One of Savage’s crew members, senior Rahil Karamchandani, said that working for Haslett Landscaping and Odd Jobs has given him many great experiences and a good work ethic.

  “I have memories of the times they were great, even though we were working hard,” Karamchandani said. “I was with my best friend, so it was enjoyable.” 

Haslett senior Alejandro Flores also has had a positive experience working for Savage’s company. 

“My favorite memory would be working with Shaun,” Flores said. “He hypes up others to keep working harder, which impacted me positively, because working hard earns money.” 

Even with some setbacks and tiring long days, creating a small crew of hard-working individuals to help others has positively impacted our community. Whether it be elderly or disabled citizens in the community who need their mail taken to the post office or shoveling people’s snow in the winter so they can leave for work, Haslett Landscaping and Odd Jobs puts aside their own problems and struggles in order to help others and to progress with their careers.