College Plans

The class of 2021 is finally getting ready to think about their future and careers.  Senior Grace VanOrder has applied to many colleges including the University of Michigan, Central Michigan University, and Brown University. She has gotten accepted to two of them so far. “I would love to go to college and major in chemistry and then become a scientist in the future,” VanOrder said. “I am looking forward to college for a start fresh and something new and can’t wait to meet new people.” 


Another one of our Haslett seniors, Dara Willhite, has applied to Hope College, Michigan State University and Grand Valley State University. Each of these schools are four-year colleges and she has been accepted to all of them.  Willhite plans to further her education at Hope and become a dentist. She also wants to experience the college life.


While many seniors are looking forward to going to college in the fall, the junior class is also beginning to do many of the same things and starting to get ready for the college search.  Junior Alaina Tunney plans on applying to Michigan State University to study to become a psychologist or something in the criminal law field. “I am most excited for college because it is a milestone and I can achieve my goals,” Tunney said.


Another junior making post-high school plans is Caitlyn  Bingham. Bingham wants to go to  Lansing Community College for two years and then transfer to Central Michigan University to study for a  psychology major and to become a social worker. She’s most excited to get her apartment and to be independent.