The Viking Longboat


This is the online portion of the Viking Longboat, a student produced newspaper that runs at Haslett Highschool. Along with content that appears in our physical paper, stories are frequently posted while we work between issues.

The staff includes a combination of writers and editors that vary from year to year.  Students take up this course and work both inside and outside of class to cover events and stories. We put our staff in positions that are both supportive of their interests in journalism, and beneficial to the overall printed issue of the paper.

The student newspaper is produced by the STUDENTS, and advised by the class teacher Julie Price.


Newspaper Production Team

Linsey Nichols (Editor and Chief)

Ayden Morton (Website Administrator)

Joseph Sparkia (Website Administrator)

Benjamin Bird (Editor)

Felicity Frobom (Head of design)

Cian Scott (Editor)

Kayla Sebolt (Editor)

Anni Levonen  (Photographer)



Chyna Bach

Julian Bigelow

Abbigail Claflin

Jack Hernandez

Alex Dale

Sarah Donley

Reece Foster

Megan Fulton

Mohamed Gharib

Bayelee Hodge

AubreeAnna Laurion

Noah Lynch

Gabriel McGuire

Dennis Morgan

Maggi Regan

Luke Sandstedt

Preston Simzak

Logan Vince

Bradley Virkus

Kevin Walters

Hannah Withey










Staff of 2017-2018 school year



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