The Viking Longboat

2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Kyleah Oppenlander Editor-in-Chief See Kyleah Oppenlander’s profile
See Kyleah Oppenlander’s profile
Caleb PeLong News Editor See Caleb PeLong’s profile
See Caleb PeLong’s profile
Lavinia Ottolini Opinions Editor See Lavinia Ottolini’s profile
See Lavinia Ottolini’s profile
Malachi Cates Sports Editor See Malachi Cates’s profile
See Malachi Cates’s profile
Diyaney Cabrera Entertainment Editor See Diyaney Cabrera’s profile
See Diyaney Cabrera’s profile
Cassidy Cheeks Features Editor See Cassidy Cheeks’s profile
See Cassidy Cheeks’s profile
Zavier Christians Online Editor See Zavier Christians’s profile
See Zavier Christians’s profile
Abbigail Mullaly Photo Editor See Abbigail Mullaly’s profile
See Abbigail Mullaly’s profile
Trey Cole Staff Writer See Trey Cole’s profile
See Trey Cole’s profile
Natalie Kennedy Staff Writer See Natalie Kennedy’s profile
See Natalie Kennedy’s profile
Levi Gardner Staff Writer See Levi Gardner’s profile
See Levi Gardner’s profile
Robert Earl Staff Writer See Robert Earl’s profile
See Robert Earl’s profile
Rahil Karamchandani Staff Writer See Rahil Karamchandani’s profile
See Rahil Karamchandani’s profile
Luke Hidey Staff Writer See Luke Hidey’s profile
See Luke Hidey’s profile
Grace Hatch Staff Writer See Grace Hatch’s profile
See Grace Hatch’s profile
Caden Godwin Staff Writer See Caden Godwin’s profile
See Caden Godwin’s profile
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